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Plan before you go Have you ever gone to a kitchen showroom, found the perfect set of kitchen cabinets, only to have to measure the kitchen cabinet dimensions of your kitchen? Walking into a kitchen showroom without the necessary information can be a real time waster Here are four simple things that all kitchen shops  need to design your new kitchen: Ceiling Height Knowing the ceiling height is important because it will determine what the height your wall cabinets are going to be. If you have a lower ceiling height, you have to have shorter wall cabinets in order to have enough space from the countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinet.  Back Wall Dimensions Back wall dimensions are important because it’ll allow your shop to know what size kitchen cabinets can be fitted along your wall or walls. Appliance Sizes windows doors and pantrys the more detail the less work later.Link here to save on kitchen cabinets Canada
Laminates are a great alternative hard surface floor for those of us that are on a budget. Our sopplier has a  assortment of laminate floors in thicknesses of 8.3mm, 12.3mm, 15mm and 18mm. Easy to click together, our laminates can be installed on any wood or concrete surface as well as over existing tile and linoleum. Backed up by comprehensive manufacture wear warranties, our laminates offer a scratch resistant surface suitable for high traffic areas around the home.
If you are not doing major renovations in your home or do not intend on  moving or painting the walls, refacing is an ideal solution.

Benefits to refacing include no damage to your walls, ceilings or changes to your flooring.

Refacing can be done one of two ways.  The recommended method is to replace the step and riser.  Another alternative is to cap the existing step.  This second method is not highly recommended as it only covers up the problem, it does not properly address it.

If your building a new home or doing major renovations, replacing your staircase with a new stairs is the ideal solution.

Benefits to replacing stairs include flexibility in changing the design, length, width, overall size of your stair.
While landscaping can help with waterproofing your wet basement several steps need to completed to insure water is running away from the house and not into the basement.
Above the basement wall is a board called the sill plate. The sill plate is a horizontal wooden board attached to the concrete basement wall and supporting the above ground walls. This board should be at least 6"-8" above the finished grade.
Good practice is  1/2" grade or fall away from the house for every foot 20 ft = 10"
keep brick facing above grade as water will damage
the face of the brick over time.

What Is Pre-Finished HardwoodFlooring?

Pre-finished flooring is the finishing of the hardwood flooring in factories and installed in homes. The finishing is done in the factories and what you get is a similar physical properties of hardwood floor with a complete finished top coat to insure years of heavy trafiic and use.
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Carpets are practical because they're easier on the feet, they prevent slips and cushion falls, they reduce the noise level and, because of their natural insulating properties, can help reduce the cost of heating / air conditioning.
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