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              Best Priced Granite Counter Tops Complete labour materials              and installation for your Kitchen From $40 per sq ft Standard bull nose
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   Quality Granite & Marble for your home
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Granite is an igneous rock that is composed primarily of four minerals. Magma cooling very slowly far under the earth's surface, allows crystals of the four minerals to grow large enough to be easily seen by the naked eye. These minerals are quartz, feldspar, mica, and usually hornblende. However granite is not a homogenous rock and it's composition varies depending on its location. Other less common components give granite a wide variation in look and color.
Granite countertops have a distinctive appearance that can not be duplicated with engineered materials like Quartz or Formica, Granite is durable, highly heat, scratch resistant, and unmatched in beauty and value. Because of the popularity of granite countertops, they are cost effective and yield a comparatively high return on your investment. Granite countertops and vanities add style and beauty to your home, make it more valuable, and gives your kitchen it’s own personality. Whether you are remodeling building a new home, granite countertops will make a beautiful addition to your home and increase the resale value. Although there are many types of countertops to choose from, granite is still the natural stone of choice for today’s luxury living for your home or office. No synthetic material can compare to this wonderful stone in beauty or performance.

      Tan Brown
      Black Pearl
      $40.00 Specials
      Many more colours at a small                     primium a sq/ ft
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    Out of town call toll free             1.866.493.7558
    Out of town call toll free             1.866.493.7558
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    Premium edges add $5 per sq/ft
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